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About Varied / Hobbyist The darkness surrounds us20/Female/Denmark Group :iconamazingmonsters: AmazingMonsters
All creatures are welcome
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The darkness surrounds us
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Evil - Neutral - Good


Kiriban at 42,222


None of my art is for free use, unless otherwise is written in the artist's comment.


... :icony-u-noplz:


Lots of characters.
- I am quite interested in art of my characters.
- Got feral, anthro, humanoids and all that.
- I wouldn't mind knowing others' commission info (through notes).
- Though I'd only commission if I can afford it and I'd like it.


:Stamp: Niska by TheFailedDream Open.
>Prices and details<

:Stamp: Kryster by TheFailedDream :stamp: Skull - gifts are for friends only by TheFailedDream
:Stamp: Baka by TheFailedDream

Commission list:
Patience is the word.
- regularly updated.
150x150 pixel and 2 glow animations for :iconkingoflizards: - paid.

(NB! Info have been updated, for the old journal go here:…)

- regularly updated.
Art trade with :iconshadowermin: - Finished my part.
Føzdagsgave til :iconewed96: af en isdrage. - Working on it. (Damn snow is giving me trouble)
Art trade with :iconalyshywolfyarty: - Sketching.Workwithme,artwork.
Umalyn pixel line-up: - Working on 7/18.Thismightkillme.
Kiriban for :iconmaysohma: - of Isaac. Working on it.
Kiri-gave for :iconinghelene: - Sketching..
Icon for :iconthewinterraven:
Headshot arttrade for :iconthewinterraven:

New art-status stamps (:la:)- Working on them. Slowly.
Reference sheets of my characters. - Whenever.
- Primarily update reference sheets of Hidsig and Nutte.
Character sheet of sorts - working on it. Freaking slowly.
Headshots sketchdump - I'm freaking doing this. And it's going well.

Interested in different species?
- then, if you want to, you can check these out:
:iconumalyns: :iconvestaleon: :iconkamriandatabase: :iconproject-esu: :iconcontion-verse:
Rules and prices



:bulletred: Payment is to be given up front, or after the sketch is drawn. 
:bulletred: All payment is currently listed in points, but for larger sums, paypal can be accepted. In which case all currency is to be sent in DKK. 
:bulletred: If a refund is requested, the refund will be made through the medium the payment was made. Meaning anyone paying in points can only ask for points to be refunded through dA, and vice versa. I am not a bank and will not convert your points to money just because you intend to leave dA. 

What I draw:

:bulletwhite: I am willing to draw all kinds of creatures, both from fantasy and real life. This also includes both anthros and humanoids. 
:bulletwhite: I am also comfortable drawing a decent amount of blood, gore and violence. 
:bulletblack: However, I do not tollerate drawing any work considered NSFW.
:bulletblack: Furthermore, I refrain from drawing any sort of fan-art containing characters or other creations based around or directly taken from merchandise; e.g. games, TV shows, etc.

:bulletwhite: Allthough I am willing to draw all kinds of creatures, any work will be completed within my current skill level, meaning any request outside of what is already shown in my gallery is not guaranteed to reach the same standards.

:bulletred: NB! As the artist, I reserve the right to decline any commission at any given time if I feel the commissioner do not follow the rules above, act rudely, repeatedly ask for the sketch to be redrawn, or ask for someting I do not believe I either can or wish to deliver. Repeated failure to follow my rules or understand this might lead to the commissioner being refused commission slots in the future. 
:bulletred: In the case the commission have already been paid for, a fully or partial refund will be given, depending on how far the image is from being completed. 
:bulletred: On the same basis a commissioner can ask for a full refund prior or after the first or second sketch have been drawn, however if the commissioner wants to ask for a refund after repeatedly demanding new sketches, any refund will only be partial, seeing a lot of effort have already been invested in making the sketches. 
:bulletred: After the image have been completed, the commissioner have the right to ask for small changes, such as adding a forgotten accessory, etc. However, in the case where larger changes (involving 40% or more of a character involved) are demanded, I will ask for an extra fee. 

Requesting changes in the commission order:

:bulletwhite: While still in the que, the commissioner have the full right to change the character or other aspects of the content in the image, if I am properly informed of such. Meaning either a direct note, or a comment made on either the journal or as a reply on the comment thread where the commission was discussed. However, any reply made on the comment from the commissioner themselves will most likely be ignored, as they will not show up in my message feed. 

:bulletwhite: If the commissioner chooses to simply edit the first comment with an updated info, I require the commissioner to inform me in a seperate reply made to my posts in the reply chain of that comment, or as a comment on my commission journal itself, with a link to the updated reply. 

:bulletred: If the commissoner chooses to move their account or leave deviantart while on the waiting list without informing me, the commission will be cancelled.
:bulletred: In the case I am unable to contact the commissioner, meaning my notes sent to the person regarding the commission is not answered, they will lose their current place in the queue, and be moved down till contact is made. However, if this situation continues after repeated attempts at contact, the case will be treated as though the user have left deviantart alltogether, regardless of different signs of activity. 
:bulletred: If the account is deleted after payment, without giving me any means of refund, I reserve the right to keep the payment if the commissioner fail to notify me of this within the next month of this occurance. 

What I draw:

Animated drawing: Moving body parts/scenery = 200 :points:
- Additional characters +20 :points:
Lyn - lightning (animation) by TheFailedDream  :PC: Fileera (animation) by TheFailedDream :PC: Kristina - fire (animation) by TheFailedDream :PC: Kuro-Hiryuu (animation) by TheFailedDream :PC: KristinaQueenofVamps 4 (animation) by TheFailedDream

Animated headshot: Eyes moving/blinking only = 150 :points: 

 :Gift: Adam - blinking (animation) by TheFailedDream  :Fantasy-Xchange: Jake (animation) by TheFailedDream 

Simple facial animation: = 70 :points:
- Additional characters +20 :points:

Cecilia - pissed (animation) by TheFailedDream :PC: Izu and Frank (animation) by TheFailedDream Ich Bin Stupid - what? (animation) by TheFailedDream

Sketched animation: = 70 :points:
- Additional characters +20 :points:
J headshot (animation) by TheFailedDream Zeit - cat dance (animation) by TheFailedDream  :Gift: Shadow and Checkers (animation) by TheFailedDream 

Glow animation: Fading and increasing glow = 80 :points:
- Additional characters +20 :points:

Choose between cartoony and semi-realistic.

Stix - Glowing lantern (animation) by TheFailedDream  :PC: SaruHaward (animation) by TheFailedDream :PC: Sarusaurus by TheFailedDream :PC: DzikiStefan by TheFailedDream


Link to full gallery

Pixel animation 150x150px: Moving body parts/blinking = 100 :points:
- Additional characters +20 :points:  
- Additional mini creatures/items +10 :points:

:PC: TsuriaDragon - pixel by TheFailedDream :PC: GhostTrail by TheFailedDream :PC: NecroticHybrid by TheFailedDream  :Gift: Spring and Winter by TheFailedDream  :AT: KackiZamorano - Dea by TheFailedDream :PC: Iiers - Si pixel by TheFailedDream  :PC: burlesque by TheFailedDream :Gift: Hunter pixel by TheFailedDream :PC: burlesque - Haides pixel by TheFailedDream :PC: burlesque - Harlot and Amoya by TheFailedDream :CP: WolfRoad by TheFailedDream  :PC: black-guns - Dean by TheFailedDream

Icon animation 50x50px: Moving body parts/blinking = 60 :points:
- Additional characters +10 :points:

:PC: Pan by TheFailedDream  :Gift: Toshiya - icon by TheFailedDream  :PC: Areyn by TheFailedDream :Gift: Cyrion - icon by TheFailedDream :PC: Mister-Winchester by TheFailedDream PC: Wyldz - icon by TheFailedDream :PC: Griffsnuff - Bug by TheFailedDream Niska - flying icon by TheFailedDream  :PC: ShadeDreams - Ashkore by TheFailedDream:PC: KatzeFisch 1 by TheFailedDream :PC: Iiers - Si icon by TheFailedDream  :PC: burlesque - Haides icon by TheFailedDream  :CE: William icon - bad ass by TheFailedDream  :PC: Zenhi - Broden by TheFailedDream :PC: technogeckos - Samuel by TheFailedDream:PC: KingOfLizards by TheFailedDream :PC: Crazy--Wolf333 - Sinister icon by TheFailedDream

Still icons 50x50 = 45 :points:
- Additional characters +10 :points:

:PC: - ShadeDreams - Akhenath by TheFailedDream :PC: Wakettina by TheFailedDream

Linked-icons animation: Moving body parts/blinking = 75 :points:
+20 :points: for eacher character added in a seperated icon; linked icons.

:PC: Evesske and Soran by TheFailedDream :PC: FlameHusky by TheFailedDream :PC: Kuroraionk by TheFailedDream :PC: Pwa and Askook by TheFailedDream :PC: SyberTardis by TheFailedDream :PC: Pasts by TheFailedDream:PC: Deathtail-The-DraCon by TheFailedDream :PC: xXLunawingXx by TheFailedDream


Chibi: Flat colors/simple shading, no BG = 40 :points:
- Additional characters +20 :points:
- Background +10 :points:
Blue Tiger and Pink Panda by TheFailedDream Triplet chibi attack by TheFailedDream Cesha and Etirc - chibis by TheFailedDream Luna and Unknown - chibis by TheFailedDream Chibi Fantasy 4 by TheFailedDream Lucy - chibi by TheFailedDream Gift: Deyas - chibi by TheFailedDream


Sketchy lineart: Flat colors/simple shading, no BG = 50 :points:
- Additional characters +20 :points:
- Background +15 :points:
Headshot: Flat colors/simple shading, no BG = 40 :points:

Styles: semi-realistic and cartoon-ish.
Revenge, bitch by TheFailedDream Uncute by TheFailedDream Chish and Felic - sketch by TheFailedDreamBaka - Valentine by TheFailedDream:Fantasy-Xchange: Christopher by TheFailedDream Cyrion and Verlivel headshots by TheFailedDream :Gift: decoy by TheFailedDream


Clean line-art:

Clean lineart: Flat colors/simple shading, no BG = 75 :points:
- Additional characters +20 :points:
- Background +25 :points:
Styles: semi-realistic and cartoon-ish.

:Gift: - Adam by TheFailedDream  Kryster and Hunter - Meeting by TheFailedDream Baka and Ekein - chibies by TheFailedDream :PC: Supremechaos918 by TheFailedDream :Gift: Luna and Dorian by TheFailedDream :PC: DragonsBattleRoar 4 by TheFailedDream :PC: KristinaQueenOfVamps 6 by TheFailedDream

No line-art


Lineless humanoid: Shading, no BG = 210 :points:
- Additional characters +30 :points:
- Simple background +15 :points:
- Detailed background +40 :points:

Lineless headshot: Shaded with background = 150 :points:

:PC: DragonsBattleRoar 2 by TheFailedDream :Fantasy-Xchange: Tristand and Esa by TheFailedDream :Fantasy-Xchange: Luka by TheFailedDream :Fantasy Xchange: Pietro by TheFailedDream


Non-humanoid creatures

Lineless humanoid: Shading, no BG = 210 :points:
- Additional characters +30 :points:
- Scales +30 :points:
- Simple background +15 :points:
- Detailed background +40 :points:

Lineless headshot: Shaded with background = 150 :points:

:Gift: Monster by TheFailedDream :PC: Vindus by TheFailedDream :AT: Crazy-Wolf333 - Thorn by TheFailedDream :Kiriban: Inghelene by TheFailedDream :CE: Beothuk by TheFailedDream :Kiriban: Dark-Arctic-Fox by TheFailedDream :Gift: Cesha by TheFailedDream

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KuckyzDRagingBunny Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
yoo! :D first of, I hope you've been aight, long time no see :)
secondly, thank you very much for the fav :D
TheFailedDream Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello :) Yes, I've been good - how about you?
Again, no problem.
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TheFailedDream Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah, looks really awesome! :D I'm sitting here smiling like an idiot at my computer as I stare at the drawing :XD: I'll properly comment on it later today :) Thank you for this awesomeness.
AltairSky Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:hug: it was a pleasure! I like shapeshifter characters, they are always fun to draw in all their different forms!
TheFailedDream Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to hear :D Yes, they are - I love messing with their forms :) Especially my own shapeshifters :XD:
And I'm sorry I won't get to comment today (things didn't quite go after plan), but I'll leave a comment when I wake up :) (Have to go to bed now)
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AT: Watch the night glow by Crazy--Wolf333  <3
TheFailedDream Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Seen, it; it's so beautiful :heart: I'll comment on it later (I'm rather distracted right now)

... though I must say... I'm really surprised you just decided to switch character like that o.O
Though I've been curious for a while what Kryster would look like in your style ^^ Now I know xD
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